Thursday, March 19, 2020

100 word challenge

I'm in the kitchen with Bob, the larma were doing a really cool exstreoment ever,
the sugar  banana, the banana is mushed and everything else is in and
I decided that Bob could add one drop of glitter 
. bob's face is so concentrated it is so funny suddenly i burst out with laughter
bob gets a shock and drops the hole bottle in .
oh no get down i scream 
what is going on here. boom we just made a banana bomb 
what have you done screamed mum bob jumped straight into my arms
what have you been eating your so heavy .
We look around and the kitchen is black all of the plates and cups are smashed,
the jug and toaster are chipped and my mum's hair is, let's not talk about it,
every little thing is damaged. “RUN” i scream.  

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