Tuesday, June 23, 2020

The bear

come on push with all of those paws you can do it henry screamed  And heave again heave oh it's no use we're stuck here. and here i thought i could rescue you from those people im sorry buddy it's no use.  “roar” thwack wow you did it all you need to do was wack it said henry. Over there you could never escape you will never leave what was that. “Avalanche run quick get in the back bud lets go zoom” cut that was amazing great acting henry ok get ready for the next clip and action.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

the story of a life time

Chapter 1 

Lucy Miles was on her way to her brand new high school and thoughts were flowing through her head  .
Will anyone  like me , will I make friends , what class will I get and will I have a mean or nice teacher?
You see, Lucy had just moved from  New york to new zealand and she was worried
no one would like her even worse  she was starting in the middle of the year .
Lucy loved reading , making up stories  , cats and rabbits   , coding for girls and dancing any kind from
jazz to ballet but most of all she loved hip hop.
Well here it goes Lucy said as she pushed open the huge glass doors . 

Chapter 2 

Oh wow this place is big lucy said as she looked from wall to wall there were posters of football teams and basketball players and some encouraging quotes as lucy walked into class she was greeted by a beautiful lady “hi lucy” said the lady say hello class “hi lucy” the class said glumly except for one voice that sounded very excited “lilly can you please take lucy around the school and show her where all the toilets and where she needs to put her bag” “it would be my pleasure” said lily “o and lucy my name's miss dafadoll” . 

Chapter 3 

“So what's your  favourite animal? do you have siblings and are they older or younger than you  do you like waffles because i do”  said lilly  “well my favourite animal is a rabbits and cats , i have no siblings and i have never had waffles” said lucy “WHAT YOU HAVE GOT TO TRY SOME WAFFLES come over to my house on friday and you can try some if thats ok with your mum and dad” suddenly lucy felt sad and tears started to pour down her cheeks . “oh i am so sorry what did i do” “hey what's wrong” asked lilly  . “I don't have a mum,” said Lucy “she passed away after I was born” . “omg i am so sorry said lilly here have a gummy bear or two” said lilly  lucy looked up at lilly “thank you” she said “can you be my new friend” asked lucy “sure” said lilly . 

Chapter 4 

Lucy and lily arrived hand in hand skipping their way back into class just as the bell rang for morning break . “So do you like to dance?'' said Lucy. “I love it  My favourite is hip hop. Mine  two”   said Lucy for the rest of the day Lucy and Lilly shared secrets and food of course . At the end of the day Lucy yelled out to Lilly “i can't wait to hang out with you tomorrow have a great rest of the day” “you two” lilly yelled back.

Chapter 5

 “Hey dad,” Lucy said as she threw her bag on the smooth carpet . “Hey my lucky lollipop, how was your first day of school?” asked Lucy's dad . It was amazing. “I loved it. I love my teacher and my band new friend, her name is Lily and she asked me if I could have a sleepover after school on friday”. “Sure thing i don't see why not but on one condition you unpack your stuff and do your jobs” “sure thing dad” said lucy “woo hoo” lucy yelled running up the stairs to see her two cats snowy and midnight.  “snowy midnight where are you” lucy said “snowy midnight” lucy started to get worried had they got out her window where were they you see lucy's cats needed to stay inside the new house for a little while so they didn't run back to their old home lucy sat on her bed and thought if i were a cat where would i go ,but soon her thoughts were  interrupted by faint meows coming from the built in wardrobe lucy slowly tiptoed towards the wardrobe .

Monday, May 25, 2020

100 word challenge

“What is it sunny” Lucy asked “woof woof'' sunny barked
“oh wow dad come look at this Lucy said
i'm coming remember your not the one caring all of this stuff  dad said
. I know, said Lucy .  let camp here lucy said
ok i'll set up camp and you find firewood ok
as lucy ran into the forest she could hear her dad humming his favourite song
lucy couldn't help but giggle
when  lucy came back it was dark here you go dad thanks lucy.
Lucy and dad set up the fire and  slept very soundly in their little tent. 

Thursday, March 19, 2020

100 word challenge

I'm in the kitchen with Bob, the larma were doing a really cool exstreoment ever,
the sugar  banana, the banana is mushed and everything else is in and
I decided that Bob could add one drop of glitter 
. bob's face is so concentrated it is so funny suddenly i burst out with laughter
bob gets a shock and drops the hole bottle in .
oh no get down i scream 
what is going on here. boom we just made a banana bomb 
what have you done screamed mum bob jumped straight into my arms
what have you been eating your so heavy .
We look around and the kitchen is black all of the plates and cups are smashed,
the jug and toaster are chipped and my mum's hair is, let's not talk about it,
every little thing is damaged. “RUN” i scream.